Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The final design for my website landing page.

Here it is - this is what the everyone will see until I get my full site developed. I like it because it is clean and clear. More is less and less is more, I have to embrace this because I seem to go a little overboard sometimes (pun intended). I have have always admired smart web design and though I am no web designer, I still have to showcase my portfolio effectively. Do you like those little social media icons? I had a such a blast designing them and working with the pen tool. I should have the link up by next week. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Adding those social media icons to your design was a great idea, Stacey. With those beneath, it will be easy for your visitors to connect with you on the different social media sites that you’re at. Your design is clean and simple yet beautiful, by the way.

    @David Byrd

  2. Awesome landing page! So, you mean you’re the one who designed this beautiful and colorful landing page? It must have been a great experience, am I right? As one of your visitors, if this is the kind of landing page that I will see in your website, I would probably get hooked immediately and probably frequently visit your website to discover more about what your website can offer. Kudos!

    >Abigayle Soderstrom

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! That final design has some very captivating color elements. I love how the color shades blend together!
    - Masako Gun

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  5. I like it; very attractive and lively. It sure will attract more viewers. Don't forget to make it SEO optimized.
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