Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Free Printable Moustache Brigade in honor of Movember!


Here is the first fun printable for November -- A sheet of Cookie Dusters for the most discerning aficionado. I hope that you guys have fun rocking them in various places around town!

--Stacey P.


Sunday, October 28, 2012

Free Halloween Printable / Activity Sheet 4 of 4 - Cat Mask

As we come to the end of October, I thought that a fun project for both Adults and Kids was in order. Here is a fun, free, printable cat mask for Halloween that you can color! I know that not everyone has tons of money to drop on a fancy costume, so I decided that I would help out a little and design this super awesome cat mask...MEOW! 

I should still have the November desktop calendar up on the first and Monday I am going to post the printable Movember mustache brigade for your pleasure! Thanks as always for visiting my blog and for all of your support.

--Stacey P.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Spooky Monster Coloring Sheet - Activity Sheet 3 of 4

Hi Again Everyone!

I hope that you been enjoying the treats that I have been conjuring up for you all -- I have had such a wonderful time creating them. Next week, I will have a special activity/treat for both kids and adults alike and I just know that your little Monsters have their costumes ready for October 31!

Any awesome homemade ideas out there that were Pinterest inspired? If you have a brilliant photo, upload your pic to the Blu Anchor facebook page, I am sure my fans would love to see your creativity!

I have a fantastic idea for the November desktop calendar that I think you will all love!

--Stacey P.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Spider Maze - Activity Sheet 2 of 4

Here is the second "Treat of the Week" for October...a spooky spider maze! Feel free to print off a few for your kids and teachers, you can print off as many as you would like! I will post the answer key(s) on October 31!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Party Word Find - Activity Sheet 1 of 4

Here is the first "Treat of the Week" for the month of October! It is a free download, not to be used commercially of course, BUT if you are a teacher, feel free to print off as many as you would like to get your students into the spirit of Halloween! If you are a Mom or a Dad, feel free to print one or two for your kiddos. Download it to your desktop and just print!

Have fun and good luck from Blu Anchor!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October Desktop Calendar!

Hello and Happy October!

This has to be my favorite month -- Pumpkins, Fall, Ghosts and Goblins...Oh My! I chose to go with some fun pumpkins and a simple background. Like my spiderweb calendar? I sure had a great time with THAT in illustrator.

Here are instructions for downloading the file: Click on the desired image below to open it. Then you want to right click the image and "save image as...". Windows - right click "Set as Desktop Background" with the file on your computer desktop. On a MAC ~ just control-click on the picture on your desktop, then choose "Use Image as Desktop Picture." As always, this is for Personal use only and if you would like to share with your friends or Pin, please give me credit and provide the link to the image.

Blu Anchor Business Card Designs

I am in the process of getting my business license and I needed to brainstorm when it came to the particular "look" of my business logo. I wanted something strong, memorable, and most importantly, accessible. What I mean when I say accessible is that, something that can be utilized on many different products by the Blu Anchor brand.

To most who don't know, I served the Coast Guard for 6 years and I had the opportunity to meet some really great people. One of the most wonderful people that I met, was my husband of 7 1/2 years Brian. He is currently stationed on the Coast Guard Cutter Elderberry here in Petersburg, Alaska. Though we "sail" from place to place around this great country, we both feel deeply connected to the sea. This is where the name Blu Anchor comes from.

The anchor symbolizes stability and strength, while the heart symbolizes our love of the sea. Blu, is for the "blue" uniform that I wore and Brian currently wears protecting the coast of this great country.

It means a lot to not only me, but to all Coasties currently serving in the Coast Guard, that they are recognized as a strong and steadfast bunch. What a great group of people! Though I do miss serving, I am happy to say that I did.

Here is the design that I went with:

Baby Shower Icons and Invites

I am expecting a little one and I was inspired to create my very own baby shower invitations and thank you cards! I originally started out doing an just a vector icon pack, but that naturally morphed into something much more exciting.

I looked around Etsy and the web for layout ideas and wanted a clean looking design. I took the advice from my fantastic and enthusiastic fans on my Blu Anchor Facebook page and they suggested that I add baby wipes and a diaper to the vector pack.

I am working with moo.com for the printing. Their paper stock is just beautiful and I think it will really take the invitations to the next level. I also ordered round stickers for the backs of the cards and I am sure they will "finish" the look that I am trying to achieve.

Here is the final design pack that I sent to the printer -- I went with a gender neutral color of purple because I am going to be selling these as a custom order at my Etsy store next year.

Baby Icon Vector Pack 

Baby Shower Invitation -- FRONT

Baby Shower Invitation -- BACK

Thank You Cards -- FRONT

Round Sticker -- 1 of 29 Designs